File & Folder Tools

Check For Newer Files In Target

Sometimes you work on your backup folder also. With this you can check for newer files first and copy them to your work folder before comparing your directories.

Compare Directories

This speaks for itself. It has a source and target. You load your files; compare it and all the incorrect files in the target destination will be removed (with a backup feature) and the changed files in the source will be copied to the target in the same folder structure. If “Check Empty Folder” is ticked, ‘Find Empty Folders’ will open and load all the empty folders from the two folders that ‘Compare Directories’ just compared.

See how ‘Compare Directories’ work, step-by-step

Find Empty Folders

With this you can check empty folders and copy them to your source and target, to keep the folder structure the same.

Compare Files

With this you can compare filenames with different file extension and also a list of folders with a list of filenames. You have the feature to fix the names right away. You select the correct name in the opposite difference list and double click on the name in the file list and the name in the difference list will be entered in an Input Box and you can just click OK or change it. It will rename the file in the folder and update the list. It also removes the name from the difference list.

Copy Folder Structure

With this you can create folder structure with all subfolders from the selected folder. This is handy if you want to create the same folder structure somewhere else.

Create Folders from Cell Contents

With this you can create folders from names that are listed on a sheet. You simply click on the drop down button, select the range and click on OK. This will also check if the folder exists and if a folder in the list exists, it will skip to next name.

Delete Unnecessary Files

This utility finds unnecessary files which you select and deletes them to the Recycle Bin.

Dummy File Creator

With this you can create 0 bytes dummy files of an entire folder with all subfolders and files. Handy if you want a list of a specific folder. You need 2 empty folders for this utility. Dummy File Creator uses the progress bar. I added a speed control (for the fun) when creating the folders (Step 3). I like to see the progress and this step is very fast.

Step 1: Counting the files & folders
Step 2: Create the same number of 0 byte txt files as counted in step 1
Step 3: Create the folder structure. The status bar is used to display the progress
Step 4: Final Check – compare the folder structures & count the dummy files
Step 5a: List all the dummy files
Step 5b: List the original folder and files. The same feature as file renamer is used to rename and move all the dummy files to the correct folders

File Renamer

With this you can rename files in selected folder and subfolders. You can also rename with a different file extension. You can also list the names of the files and then browse to a folder with folders and use the folder names as the new name. With this feature you can rename your music cover art to the same name as the folder with the CD name. It creates a “from” and “to” list (Always make changes to your “to” list filenames [Column E]) This also works with Multiple Replace. You list your files, find and replace all the strings and then rename the new named files.

As soon as file list is created the ribbon automatically change the button name to “Rename Files”

Folder Renamer

With this you can rename folders & subfolders in the selected folder.

Count Files

With this you can count count all the files in the selected folder including all the subfolders.

Directory Tree Builder

With this you can create a tree-like hierarchical list of all the subfolders and files from the selected directory. You also have options to customize your list to your needs.

Insert File Names on Sheet

With this you can add filenames and start at the selected cell. I use this when I add new files to a document register where you don’t want to delete or clear any existing data.

List Filenames

With this you can create a list of files in the selected folder with plenty of options. You can also list according to windows file properties (all 287 of them). List Filenames uses the progress bar.

Using the progress bar when creating a list

Extended Details – Windows Explorer Detail (all 287)

List Folders

With this you can list all the folders in the root folder of the selected folder (1 level). Lists the number of subfolders and files in each folder and also the size of the folder.

List MP3 Filenames

I created this for my own use and create an advanced list of only mp3 files. This lists all the MP3 tag info. List MP3 Filenames uses the progress bar.

Renumber MP3 Files

This works together with File Renamer. Sometimes you get where the second CD of a collection’s track number continues from CD one. With this you can renumber the MP3 tracks from 01 or you can rename your tracks to be continuous in a CD collection of more than 1 CD. (You will use “Keep Same File Name” on the File Renamer utility).