Formula Tools

Convert Cell Contents

With this you can convert between formulas and text.

  • Option 1 – You can convert the actual formula to text
  • Option 2 – Vice versa of option 1
  • Option 3 – If a cell is formatted as “Text”, numbers will show right aligned. This will fix that so that it is left aligned.
  • Option 4 – This convert the value of the formula so that the cell contain the value and not the formula.
  • Option 5 – Convert 10/25/2015 & 25/10/2016 to 2015/10/25

Copy Exact Formula

With this, you can copy the exact formula without updating the cell references. You can either copy one cell or a selection. If you do a normal Ctrl C (copy) and Ctrl V (paste), excel updates the cell references.

Insert SUM Formula

With this you can select a range of numbers and create the standard sum formula in seven different locations of the selection, with additional options for your value.

  • Below
  • Above
  • Top right
  • Top left
  • Bottom right
  • Bottom left
  • Choose cell