My Excel

I started Excel VBA in 2007. I was busy editing an exported excel file and deleted all the info that I did not need. A colleague saw what I was busy doing and told me that I can do that with one command using macros. He quickly wrote the command and from there I was hooked. I taught myself everything I know today. I am really into FSO (FileSystemObject). I did a lot of research on FSO. I work with a lot of folders & files. See my pages under LAD Utilities. I am constantly upgrading current and creating new utils. This is what I love to do.

My Own Date Picker for Excel

How it works:
Standard TextBox with DropButtonStyle. Date Picker open next to each TextBox. Once a date is in the TextBox and you open Date Picker, the Date Picker will go to the date in the TextBox. Mouse over date highlights the date. Also show week numbers and a button for Today. No need for mscomct2.ocx (MS date & time picker control 6.0). My Date Picker is filled using “WorkSheetFunction”
Only 1 userform is used to display the date picker in different positions

see how my date picker works