LAD Utilities Main

Over 100 utilities loaded with 1 add-in file
• Each utility’s file extension is .lad, and only opens through the main add-in
• Only one utility is loaded at a time and closes the previous one, to preserve memory

LAD Utilities Ribbon

LAD Progress Bar

Built-In Excel Features

I use these build-in Excel feature a lot and added it to my ribbon, then I don’t have to switch between ribbon tabs

Clear Active Sheet

With this, you can clear the active sheet of all contents and formats. It also reset all the column widths, row heights & scrollbars. There is no undo from this yet.

Copy Sum

You can highlight a selection of values and use this to copy the sum (that appears in the status bar). The paste button next to this will become enabled, to paste the total to another cell. This is handy if you select values in different columns and rows.

Text Tools Quick Actions

Quick lowercase
Quick Proper Case
Quick Remove All Excess Spaces
Quick Remove Non-Breaking Spaces

Quick Action

This is in order starting on the left going down

Remove Hyperlink
Removes all hyperlink from the Active sheet

Formula to Value
This changes all the formula to value in used range on the active sheet

This first checks if the font is strikethrough or not and alternate off or on. Saves time by going to the Format Cells Font tab

Clear Formats
This clears all the formatting of the selection

Clear Filters
Another build-in excel feature I use a lot, instead of switching ribbon tabs

Slash to Dash
This replaces slashes to dashes, to help me with renaming files. Slashes cannot be used in a filename. I also added all the other slashes as per my Fix Dashes util under my Utilities Menu

Remove Front Apostrophe
This removes the blind apostrophe in front of a word or value. This is still WIP because my code can remove from both value and number, but it also removes all the formatting. See my post about it.

Format default short date
This formats each cell in selection to your PC’s default short date

Apply F2 & Enter
This helps if you have a lot of numbers that are Text formatted. The numbers are left-aligned. You change the format to general and use this to align to the right


With this, you can highlight a few rows, copy the info to your clipboard and past it to a single cell with line breaks


Shows where LAD Utilities is installed. Button to browse to the folder


The date format is used when choosing a date from the below menu
Quickly insert dates (next 7 & previous 14). Updates automatically every day. The button on the menu is always today’s date. Uses the date format selected from Options

LAD Calculator

This is just a plain calculator. There is an option to copy a value from a cell to the calculator and also to paste the value from the calculator to the selected cell. You can calculate different cells. You also have 4 different formats to paste your value to the selected cell.

Get Sum Of Selection

LAD Date Picker

You can customize a selection of dates and insert them at the current selected cell. You have various options.

  • Number of dates with date increments (see screenshot)
  • 28 different date formats to use.
  • Button to go to today’s date.
  • Option to have your week started on a Monday.
  • With the “Format Only” you can select a range of dates and update it to the selected date format.
  • When you insert your dates, you can choose whether to close the date picker or not. (tick Close Form)
  • Custom Date