Range Tools

Bulk Combine

I created this to rename my drawing files from a scanner. I will highlight all the numbers in my register and this util wil use the title and revision column to create a filename with suffix

Change Number Format

With this you can change number formats with 9 different formats. It also has a preview window

Combine Cells

With this you can combine a selection with any character(s) you choose. This is just an easier way to use concatenate. I use • to replace the space in the character input box, final result will be without •. I also added a suffix section to create a filename with a suffix, very handy to rename technical queries

Count Characters in Selection

With this you count the number of characters in a selection. It will show the total number and excluding the spaces

Date to Text

Dates in excel can sometimes mess you around. With this you can convert a date format to a text value in the cell. There are 6 different formats to choose from

Delete Blank Cells

With this you can delete all the blank cells in a range in a single column

Quick Sort Selection Ascending

With this you can sort a selection ascending without the annoying “Sort Warning” message

Quick Sort Selection Descending

With this you can sort a selection descending without the annoying “Sort Warning” message

Randomize Range

With this you can select a range and randomize it or you can insert a randomized list of numbers

Remove Duplicate Entries

With this you can delete duplicate entries in a single column without deleting the empty cells. You have the option to delete these cells and also to sort the final result

Renumber Rows

When you use auto filter in excel and some rows is hidden you can renumber the rest of the rows with this. Just select the first cell where the numbering must start

Rows renumbered

Reset Selection

This works the same as “Reset Entire Sheet to Default”

Show ActiveCell Info

This shows info about the active cell, or a selection. The advanced info is only for a single cell

Split Cells

With this you can split a cell according to the character(s). You can have any amount of characters.