Text Tools

Advanced Change Case

This utility has advanced options for Proper Case. You can add and delete characters and words and it will be saved for future use. A standalone add-in of advanced change case can be found here

Without Advanced Option
With Advanced Option

Add Text

With this you can add text in front, at the back or in between text in the selection. Updated since last with a few extra features

Remove by Position

With this you can remove text from the front, the back or in between text in the selection

Remove Characters

With this you can remove certain characters from the selection

Remove Part Of String

This removes all the characters after the specific number of character from the left of the right. You also have the option to place your result next to the selection

Remove Spaces

This is quite a unique utility. I used • in place of the spaces so that you can see where your spaces is. If you do not see •, then there is non-breaking spaces. This utility can fix the non-breaking spaces for you. Once you press the OK button the changes on the sheet will be spaces. • is only used in the preview window

With Non-breaking spaces
Non-breaking spaces removed

Replace Accented Characters

With this you can replace accented characters with non-accented characters

Replace Characters with Accented Characters

With this you can replace non-accented characters with accented characters. This utility split the string into single characters in a list box. You then select the characters you want to change, choose an accented character and click change. Your preview will update immediately. If the character is lowercase only lowercase options will be available and the same with uppercase