Clear Tables

This utility will clear all tables (not pivot) on the active sheet or active workbook

Delete Blank Rows & Columns

With this you can delete all blank rows & columns in the used range

Delete Empty Rows between Data

Sometimes when you copy info from a web page to excel, this utility can help to delete all the empty rows between your data

Hide Empty Columns & Rows

With this you can hide all blank rows & columns in the used range. It checks whether the selection is part of a table or not

Insert Blank Rows & Columns

With this, you can insert blank rows & columns in the selection between every other row & column respectively

Excel File Format Converter

With this you can bulk convert excel files to other excel file formats and also pdf files. Options:

  • Excel 97-2003 workbook to Excel Workbook
  • Excel Workbook to Excel 97-2003 workbook
  • Excel 97-2003 workbook and Excel workbook to PDF
  • Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook to Excel Add-In
  • Excel Add-In to Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook
  • Excel 97-2003 Workbook to Excel 97-2003 Add-In
  • Excel 97-2003 Add-In to Excel 97-2003 Workbook

Save As Add-In

When saving an add-in, excel always open the default add-ins folder. With this you have 3 options where to save your add-in

  • Same folder where excel file is
  • Choose a folder
  • Default add-in folder

Multi Named Range Creator

This utility can create multi named ranges where you have a prefix with a sequence number. This saves a lot of time

Multiple Replace

With this you can find and replace 20 strings at once

Remove Hyperlinks

You have 4 options to delete hyperlinks

  • Active workbook
  • Active sheet
  • Selection
  • Active cell

List Controls on a Userform

All UserForms from the active workbook is loaded in a ComboBox. When selecting a UserForm, all the controls is listed in the ListBox. If you click OK, This util adds a new sheet and lists all the controls according to the list in the ListBox

Convert Bytes

This convert bytes to all other units

Sequence Numbers

With this, you can create any sequence of numbers, with increment, prefix and suffix. A preview window helps you to see the sequence before you create it

Spell Numbers in Rand

With this, you spell numbers to words. I changed it to South African Rand and you have the option between Afrikaans & English