Worksheet Tools

Add Multiple Sheets

With this you can add any number of sheets to you current workbook. This will use the default sheet name

Column & Row Pixel Adjuster

With this you can adjust the column widths and row heights with the pixel value. There is also an option to select a specific cell and then click “Use current”. This will store the width and height in pixel value. You then select the range you want to make the same as the stored width and height and click on “Apply Current”

Copy Displayed Values

This util will copy the displayed value to another cell. This is hany with date formats

Copy Multiple Worksheets

With this you can make one or more copies of your current sheets

Create List of Sheets

This creates a report of your workbook

Delete Rows & Columns

With this you can delete all rows below the active cell or all the columns right from the active cell

Find Data Validations

This highlights all the cells that contain a data validation

Hide & Unhide Multiple Sheets

With this you select multiple sheets in your current workbook and hide them. It shows you the “hidden” and “very hidden” sheets. The reason for the big list box is because a sheet can have a name up to 31 characters, Every time you use a feature the list is updated immediately

Rename Multiple Worksheets

With this you can rename multiple sheets at once

Reset Entire Sheet to Default

With this you can reset the active sheet to all its defaults

Reset Scrollbars

Sometimes you delete some of your content and then the scrollbars still scroll to the empty cells. This resets the scrollbars to the very last cell with data at the bottom and the right of your data

Save Sheets as Separate Workbooks

With this you can save all the current workbook’s sheets as separate excel files. It will use the sheet name as the file name. If a sheet is hidden or very hidden, it will unhide the sheet, save it and restore it to the original hidden status

Select Last Cell

This selects the very last cell in the used range

Select UsedRange

This highlights the used range

Sort Sheets

With this you can sort your sheets in any order you want, especially if you have a lot of sheets in a workbook. You have a preview window to show you the new order before you order the sheets. You also have the option to include the hidden sheets in the order

Using Alpha Sort
Using Alpha Numeric Sort